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Off-Site Shredding Services
Winslow Nebraska

Are your Off-Site Shredding Services safe and secure?

If you are in the market for one of the most stress-free types of shredding services available in Winslow, Nebraska, look no further because we have what you need. Off-site shredding is makes the process of destroying and disposing of your confidential and sensitive documents as simple as it can possibly be.

We supply you with storage containers (we have all different sizes, depending on your needs) which are placed in strategic positions at your location for easy access. All you and your employees need to do is drop any papers that need to be shredded into the bin. You don't even need to remove staples, bindings or paper clips - our cross-cutting shredding machines are that strong.

You decide the how often you need us to pick up the containers and take your paperwork away for destruction. Set up a schedule that meets your needs -- weekly, monthly, every sixty or even every ninety days -- or if you prefer, you can simply call us on an “as needed” basis.

If your office or place of business deals with documents that are extremely sensitive and which may contain information that is deemed to be extremely private and confidential, we have got you covered. In these cases we will supply you with locked storage containers so that once a document is placed in the bin nobody ever sees it again.

Our lockable containers are especially for those documents which, if they landed in the wrong hands, could lead to identity theft or even fraud! In this manner, we aid you in protecting yourself against the possibility of law suits from irate clients.

We are a licensed company and adhere strictly to all federal legislation regarding the destruction as well as the disposal of documents. Your storage containers will be transported to our shredding facility in trucks that are equipped with GPS tracking and driven by certified security professionals. Once at our location, we follow a strict chain of custody to ensure that your documents are kept safe and secure - from the time that they are dumped into our state-of-the-art cross cut shredding machines right up to the point where they are processed for recycling.

For professional advice about setting up a a document management plan that meets your needs, call us today.

We offer professional shredding services and will come directly to your location in Winslow, Nebraska so that your document destruction is completely hassle free!

Document Shredding in Winslow Nebraska: Professional Shredding Services
Paper Shredding in Winslow Nebraska: Professional Shredding Services
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