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When it comes to choosing a professional shredding service in Boswell, you need to know more than what they will do to make sure that your documents are destroyed in a secure and confidential way. You need to know HOW the company will ensure that your vital documents are stored while waiting to be shredded, while they are being transported and after they are destroyed while waiting to be recycled.

One thing you can be sure of is that when you choose us to destroy your documents, we put the security of how those records are stored as a top priority. Whether you choose to use our on-site or off-site shredding services, you can rest assured that your papers will be secure both before and after the destruction process. The systems that we have in place not only meet, but surpass all federal, government and HIPAA compliance standards.

What are the procedures for storing documents before shredding?

Whether you choose our on-site or off-site shredding services, you need a place to keep papers that are waiting to be destroyed. We provide secure, locked cabinets, boxes or bins, depending upon your needs, in your offices where you and your staff can deposit documents that need to be fully destroyed.

These storage containers will be strategically placed throughout your office for easy and convenient use by all employees. With our state-of-the-art cross-cut shredding machines, there is no need to separate out paperclips, staples, metal clips, or bound materials. We have made it so that the process is entirely hassle-free for you - simply drop the unwanted documents into the bin and wait for us to come and get them.

For our clients who use our off-site shredding services, when it's time for us to come and get your documents, we will send one of our secure, GPS tracked, licensed and bonded trucks to your facility and pick up your documents and transport them back to our facility.

If you choose to use our on-site shredding service, we will send one our mobile shredding trucks directly to you. Your documents will be destroyed at your location and the shredded pieces will then be removed from your property. These trucks have the same high level of security to transport your shredded materials as the ones that we use to pick up the documents waiting to be destroyed at our facility.

Another option we provide is for clients with smaller volumes of shredding needs is to provide on-site shredding equipment which stores the destroyed documents in locked bins until you call us to come and remove them for complete destruction and recycling.

Once your documents have been thoroughly destroyed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Document Shredding in Boswell Oklahoma: Professional Shredding Services
Paper Shredding in Boswell Oklahoma: Professional Shredding Services
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Document Shredding


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