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Residential Document Shredding
Bluffton South Carolina

Residential Document Shredding can keep your information safe from identity thieves.

We are sure that by now you have heard horrific stories of people who have received huge credit card bills while not being responsible for running up the credit themselves, or of people even finding out that they have been listed as “married” without ever even having had a ring on their finger?

These are scenarios which, unfortunately, are not simply the things of which books are written or movies made - they are a reality! Unfortunately, identity theft and consumer fraud are both very much part of everyday life these days, and something we hear more about all the time.

If you are like most people, it is likely that you simply rip up and throw away old documents or bills, forgetting about them once they have hit our bins, relying on the garbage collection companies to dispose of them. You might even go the extra step and put half the scraps in a different garbage can (forgetting that it all goes the safe place anyway). The fact is that this is not a very safe disposal method.

Anyone can rummage in our garbage with us none the wiser, gaining all the information they need to take over our lives. While the news is full with stories of identity theft by electronic means, studies show that about 75% of information fraud comes through “paper” documents and records.

The only truly safe way to dispose of these papers is document shredding using cross-cut technology. As a consumer, you may choose to purchase your own document shredder, but there is another option that is safer and better for the environment.

When you use our professional document destruction service for your residential shredding needs, you can not only be confident in knowing that your information will never get into the wrong hands but also in the fact that you are doing something great for the environment. We take all the waste materials from the shredding process to our trustworthy recycling partners. This way your paper trash doesn't end up adding more to our already over-crowded land fills

We have two options for our residential consumers - you can bring your documents to our shredding location at any time. Or you can wait until one of our community “shredding events” comes to your area.

Give us a call today to learn more about how our residential document shredding in Bluffton, South Carolina can help protect you and your family from fraud and identity theft.

Document Shredding in Bluffton South Carolina: Professional Shredding Services
Paper Shredding in Bluffton South Carolina: Professional Shredding Services
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