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Alexander North Dakota

Why choose Professional Shredding Services?

Peace of mind regarding the secure disposal of all documents you consider to be personal, private and confidential is just a phone call away. Our professional paper shredding services are offered not only locally or statewide, but countrywide!

No matter the size of your paper shredding needs - whether you are a residential consumer, a small business, a big company, a law firm, a financial institution, an educational facility or a health care provider - our services are versatile enough to cater to exactly what you need done. We make the safe and secure disposal of unwanted or obsolete documentations of any kind our top priority.

We have many different options to choose from and all of our services ensure that you comply with federal regulations that require that a client's information is kept private at all times! Security is extremely important to us and when your documents are in our possession we follow and document a very strict chain of custody.

We can collect and destroy documents off site, or destroy them right on site if you so wish. We also leave the option to destruction of these documents to you by supplying a paper shredder on site to you and then you just give us a call and we will take the waste to be recycled when you are ready. Whichever option you chose, we ensure that there is no way your documents can ever be reassembled again!

At Professional Shredding, we believe in responsible waste disposal. After your documents have been thoroughly shredded, we don't simply dump the waste in a landfill or burn it - instead we send it off for recycling, putting it to good use and helping the environment.

The document shredding industry is a fast growing one with many small, new companies popping up all over. Go with one that is tried and trusted and who has strong professional ethics.

If you are looking for professional shredding company in Alexander, North Dakota who is concerned about their clients' security, don't hesitate to call us now!

Document Shredding in Alexander North Dakota: Professional Shredding Services
Paper Shredding in Alexander North Dakota: Professional Shredding Services
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Document Shredding


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